Fuel Business In Zimbabwe – How To Start A Fuel Business In Zimbabwe

There is an opportunity for fuel business in Zimbabwe because of the fewer fuel stations. The fuel industry is marketable in Zimbabwe. Therefore, learning how to start a fuel business in Zimbabwe is the first step to establish a fuel business.

For the fuel business in Zimbabwe, you can either do the retail or wholesale business. Starting a fuel business in Zimbabwe is highly profitable with the consumption of a high volume of liters a day.

Over the years, Zimbabwe has faced a lot of crises in the fuel sector. Lately, fuel is accessible at filling stations. There is a ready market for the fuel business.

How to open the fuel business in Zimbabwe

a) Have your business plan ready    

b) Register your business with the local authorities

c) Have the capital to begin your business. Have enough to start the fuel business

d) Purchase the material goods

e) Fuel transportation. Fuel is transported through the pipeline from the Beira port in Mozambique. Internal fuel transportation is done by road in oil tankers.

f) Have a regular supplier of the fuel to avoid fraud and be on the good side

g) Have a good business location

h) Have the necessary business permits and licenses from the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority

i) Make sure to have fuel business insurance to protect your business from any accidental or natural damages

j) Market your business well.

What are the requirements of operating a fuel business in Zimbabwe?

Operating a fuel business in Zimbabwe requires you to acquire the retail license, and these are some of the requirements for a license by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority;

a. The license should be Zimbabwean registered and provide the CR14 and CR2 forms.

b. The license should provide information like the physical address, telephone number, and contact of the business person

c. A business person will also have to provide a local authority license.

d. The retailer’s premise shall have sufficient facilities to control the outbreak of fire.

e. Payment of annual license fee to Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority.

f. A retailer should keep details of purchase and sales

g. A business person is reliable for an inspection any time by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority

h. The requirements of operating fuel business can also be reviewed anytime by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority

The best areas to do the fuel business in Zimbabwe

The location of the fuel business contributes a lot to the success of that business. The following locations will never disappoint you in Zimbabwe;

1. Harare

2. Bulawayo

3. Mutare

Challenges facing the fuel business in Zimbabwe

1. Plenty of legal issues. It is the kind of business that has authorities legally involved. The authorities are very strict when it comes to this kind of business.

2. Issues related to safety. Operating a fuel business, you must adhere to some of these things like the customers’ safety is very important.

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