How To Find Your FirstBank 5 Digit PIN In Nigeria

The paragraphs of this guide revolve around how to find your FirstBank 5-digit PIN Nigeria.

At the core of FirstBank, Nigeria’s operations are to provide banking features that will always improve customers’ banking experience.

This has led to the introduction of the 5-digit PIN, which is essential to financial transactions on your FirstBank account in Nigeria. 

This PIN is available to all customers of the bank. Just before we proceed to find your FirstBank 5-digit PIN, let us treat ourselves to what it is. 

What Is FirstBank 5 Digit PIN?

The First Blank 5 fight PIN, commonly referred to as mPIN, is a uniquely designed code that customers use to verify their electronic transactions from their FirstBank account.

This means without this PIN. You cannot complete transactions using any of FirstBank’s platforms except at its branch. 

What Are The Requirements To Find Your FirstBank 5 Digit PIN In Nigeria 

The requirements to find the 5 digit FirstBank PIN are: 

  1. Your account number 
  2. FirstBank Nigeria issued-debit card 
  3. A mobile Phone
  4. A registered mobile number linked to your FirstBank account 

How To Find Your FirstBank 5 Digit PIN In Nigeria

The below-listed steps will assist you on how to find your FirstBank 5 fight PIN in Nigeria:

1. On your cell phone, input *894*0#, and call 

2. Wait a while for it to connect to the interface.

3. From the home screen, choose the debit card to be used from the list of cards.

4. On the next window, enter the PIN of the debit card you have chosen to continue.

5. Process and create the 5-digit PIN 

6. Finally, generate your unique FirstBank Nigeria mPIN to complete the process. 

How To Generate mPIN For FirstBank

Here is how to get a 5-digit PIN at FirstBank:

1. Kindly open the FirstBank mobile app from the smartphone 

2. Provide your user ID and password

3. On the home screen, navigate to the bottom of the page and click “Get help.”

4. Next, tap “Forgot mPIN” to continue 

5. Automatic security questions will be asked you; provide answers that you can remember. 

6. Now, input your new 5-digit (mPIN)

7. Finally, confirm the new mPIN by entering it again. 

Here is where we will end on how to find your FirstBank 5 fight PIN in Nigeria

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