How To Deactivate Cash App Account, Suspend Your Account Now

Are you having problems using the Cash App mobile app, and do you want to deactivate it? Kindly read this guide. It has all you need to know about how to deactivate a Cash App account.

Sometimes it becomes difficult deleting your account on some mobile fintech app, but with Cash App, it is not like that.

Cash App provides a free room for you to experience its services and products, and if you are no longer interested in using it, you can delete your account.

Let’s find out how you can suspend your Cash App account from the paragraph below without much ado.

How To Deactivate Cash App Account

Follow the steps below to deactivate your Cash App account:

1. Launch Cash App from your smartphone

2. If your account is reflecting any balance, make sure you withdraw the amount.

3. On the home screen, tap the “Account icon” at the top right corner to view the account menu.

4. Go for “Support” from the menu list.

5. This will display another menu; select “Something else” as the next option.

6. Proceed and select “Account Settings.”

7. From the options listed, tap “Delete Personal Information.”

8. Next, click on “Contact Support.”

9. The Cash App Team will be notified of your request to suspend your account. They will assist you with the rest of the process.

10. Once the account has been deactivated, you can uninstall Cash App from your application menu.

Can I Deactivate My Cash App Account And Open A New One

Yes, you can open a new Cash App account after deactivating your previous account. In creating a new Cash App account, the requirements and the steps involved are still the same. Once you sign up, your previous data may not be available because it has been permanently deleted.

Why Can’t I Deactivate My Account

You must ensure that your account balance is zero before you proceed to suspend your Cash App account. Therefore, if anything this sought happens, kindly check if your account has been zeroed or not.

Provided, the problem is not arising from this factor, kindly contact the Cash App Support Center and find out how to tackle it.

This is where we will end on how to deactivate a cash App account.

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