Bolt Kenya Contacts, Nairobi Head Office, Email Address, Complaints

Bolt is a taxi service provider that is found in Kenya. In this customer care guide, we will show you how to request the service from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

The company also needs drivers, and you can get in touch by contacting them. 

How To Contact Bolt Customer Care

Download the bolt Taxify app, and you are sure to have all the services. 

You can always report a reckless driver, and for the job, inquiries do it through the app. 

Bolt Kenya is found on the app, and they do not have a specific number. 

Contact them through the app, which can be downloaded through the Google play store or apple store app.

If you are using Bolt and want to contact the Nairobi customer service for help, please follow the basic steps below:

1. Open the Bolt App.

2. After that, select Support from the menu.

3. Choose the type of query you have.

4. Finally, send them your message.

They will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.

You can follow the steps above to report Bolt Driver in Kenya.

Bolt Office Location Address

Visit their offices in Nairobi, Kenya, located at:  Azure Towers, 2nd floor, and Lantana Road in Westlands. 

Bolt Contact Number Nairobi

If you want to contact Bolt Kenya in Nairobi, please dial this number: +254 20 3893448.

Please note that the Bolt driver phone number +254 20 3893448 is for anyone who wants to report any issues they are facing either as a passenger or driver.

Customer Care Email Address

Send the customer service an email at 

Another email address you can use is

You can use the duplicate emails for any enquiries.

How To Report Bolt Driver In Kenya

If you have any issues with a driver, you can easily lodge a complaint.

There are various ways to report a Bolt driver in Kenya, and you can use any of the methods below:

Calling the Bolt phone number: +254 20 3893448.

Send your complaints via the email:

You can also report any driver using their social media pages: and app/.

Bolt Office Working Hours

You can always visit their offices from Monday to Thursday from 10 to 4 pm, Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. 

You can chat through their bolt app anytime.

How To Contact The Customer Service Unit On Social Media


Twitter: app/.


This is all for the customer care service for Bolt Nairobi. Now you know how to contact Bolt Kenya Customer care.

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  1. Hi,
    I hope this is for Bolt taxi. Last week I paid a bolt driver twice through mpesa, I requested him to return the money but he refused, when I asked Safaricom to reverse the money, he also refused, when we checked from Safaricom if they can hold the money he had already withdrawn it. Can I get help to get my money back?

  2. I was signing up my first time and I mistakenly provided the wrong details in referral code of my driving license and the whole process was blocked I couldn’t reverse anything
    Please help

  3. Hi,
    why dont you have a number we can call and speak to a living being in this day and age. poor customer experience right there !!

  4. I had an accident while was riding on bolt bike on 30/6/2023.. still bolt is not compensated me. Had 2 surgery on my leg ..right now I am just useless… my medical bills are going up… I am messaging on app from so many days they are not replying me.need to do action against bolt


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