How To Check Union Bank Account Balance, Follow These Steps

Check out this guide for those searching how to check Union Bank account balance in Nigeria.

You don’t have a queue at the bank branch to check your financial status. Instead, you can check your balance using your mobile phone.

You can use the Union Bank USSD code, mobile app, or Union Bank internet banking.

How To Check Union Bank Account Balance Via Union Mobile App

To use the Union Bank mobile app, you first have to download and install the app from the Google play store or apple store.

Register and activate the app using your banking details.

You will be required to create a 4-digit PIN or the last four digits of your Union debit card to authenticate transactions.

Log in to the app and click on the Accounts option from the home screen.

You will be prompted to select the account you want to view the balance for.

After that, your account balance will be displayed on your screen.

This is how to know your Union Bank Account Balance via the Union Bank mobile app in Nigeria.

What Is The Union Transfer Code

The Union Bank USSD code is *826#.

You have first to register and activate the code for you to use it.

Ensure that you use the mobile phone linked to your accounts.

You do not need any internet connection to use this service.

You need a phone with a stable network signal, and you are good to go.

This is the Union Bank USSD Transfer Code used to know your Union Bank account balance.

How To Check Union Bank Account Balance

Dial *826*4# on your linked mobile phone number.

Next, enter your 4-digit mobile banking PIN to authenticate your request.

Follow the prompts displayed to check your account balance.

The balance will also be sent as an SMS by Union Bank to your linked mobile phone number.

This is how to check your Union Bank account balance via the USSD Code in Nigeria.

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