How To Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card 2022

In today’s guide, we will be addressing one of the frequently asked questions by FirstBank customers, How to block FirstBank Nigeria ATM card in minutes.

So without much ado, let’s get running.

People usually encounter problems with their ATM cards, and this can call for immediate deactivation of this card.

Another instance is that, when you misplace your ATM card or it gets stolen, you have no other option than to alert your bank for it to be blocked from being used. 

Do you know that at FirstBank in Nigeria, you are given a chance to undertake this important operation yourself without even going to any of its branches?

Yes, that’s how it is. Kindly read the paragraphs below to find out more about how to block your FirstBank ATM card. 

Can I Deactivate My FirstBank  ATM Card 

Yes, you can block your FirstBank ATM card yourself without any assistance from the bank.

FirstBank allows customers access to certain services and operations since it does not operate 24/7. 

How To Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card Using SMS

The following steps will assist you to block your FirstBank ATM card in Nigeria:

  • Open the SMS app on your mobile phone 
  • Click on create a new message 
  • Type “BLOCK”. It must be in caps
  • Enter the shortcode 30012 and click Send

How To Block FirstBank ATM Card Using The Mobile App

Kindly follow the steps below to block your FirstBank ATM Card on the mobile app:

  • Enable internet access on your smartphone and open the FirstBank mobile app
  • From the home screen, click on the “Option” button 
  • This will open the options menu, select “Card services” from the list
  • Proceed and choose your Card type 
  • Next, select the “Hotlist Card” option 
  • Proceed with the on-screen steps to complete the process

What Are The Requirements To Deactivate FirstBank Card 

Below are the requirements to deactivate your FirstBank ATM Card:

  • A smartphone with the UBA mobile app installed on it 
  • Your mobile number linked with your UBA account 
  • A stable internet connection 

Ways To Block Your ATM Card 

FirstBank provides more than one way to block your ATM card.

Some of these are: using their SMS shortcode (30012), from the mobile app, or contacting customer care.

These various ways allow you to perform this operation even when FirstBank is not working.

Let’s end here for now on how to block FirstBank Nigeria ATM card in minutes. 

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