How To Activate Cash App Card, Activate New Cash Card

For the many that have been asking how to activate a Cash App card, here is a guide to sorting you out.

This guide will give a simplified step-by-step approach that will help you activate your Cash Card with or without the QR code.

So without taking much of your time, let’s dive into it. 

As you may know, the Cash App card is an extended version of the Cash App mobile platform that gives you a lot of convenience in financial operations like making payments at stores and loading your Cash App account. 

Though Cash App gives an alternative for users to request funds, it sometimes becomes a worry when a contact turns you down.

In that case, all you may have left is to load your account using the Cash App card.

However, you cannot use this card unless you have activated it.

Hence, follow the outlined steps below to activate your Cash Card. 

How To Activate Cash App Card

The following are the steps to activate your Cash App Card using the QR code:

1. Kindly launch the Cash App mobile app on your smartphone 

2. This will welcome you to the home interface. Click the Cash Card button (square-like) at the top left corner of the home screen to open up the camera. 

3. Position the camera over the card and scan the QR code 

4. After this, a green check will appear, notifying you of successful activation. 

This means your card is ready to be used.

You can go back to the home screen and click on the cart button at the bottom of the screen to check the card’s expiry date and other details.

If you have no QR code:

1. Kindly open the Cash App on your device 

2. On the home screen, hit the Cash Card button. 

3. On the next window, click on the image of the Cash Card.

4. Proceed to select Activate Cash Card

5. Since you don’t have a QR code, opt to use CVV. 

6. Provide the CVV code together with the expiry date of the card

7. Wait for some seconds to confirm your activation. 

How Much Does Is It Cost To Activate Cash App Card

Activating your Cash Card does not cost you any amount. This operation is free and among the various free services that the Cash App members enjoy.

However, the Cash Card comes at a cost. 

How Long Does It Take To Activate Cash App Card

As urgent as this operation is, it does not take more than two (2) minutes to get it done.

It takes just a few seconds, provided you have your card, and your internet connection is strong. 

How Do I Know If My Cash App Card Is activated

One way to find out if your Cash Card has been activated is to log on to the Cash App mobile app, then click on the card button at the bottom to find out the card details.

This will help you know if your card has been activated or not. 

This is where we will draw down the curtain on how to activate a Cash App card.

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