How Much Do Mobile Money Agents Earn In Ghana – MoMo Agent Commission

The rapid ascendency of MTN of MTN mobile money outlets in our communities may force you to ask this question. How much do MoMo agents make?

Well, you are not the only one asking the same question. In this guide, we will try to find out how much mobile money agents earn.

Without a doubt, the essential roles MTN mobile money agents play are seen in our day-to-day activities. Their duties are of immense help to almost everybody, either directly or indirectly.

What Is The Work Of Mobile Money Agents

With over 50,000 people and still counting in Ghana deploying their duties as MoMo agents, we cannot hide how needful their services are in today’s world.

These duties include:
•Mobile Money Registration
•SIM card registration
•Bill Payment
•Money deposit
•Money transfer
•Money withdrawal

How Much Do Mobile Money Agents Earn

Mobile money agents are not direct employees of MTN. Hence their salary structure is not initiated by the MTN Mobile Money office. All agents receive what is due for their work.

On average, MTN mobile money agents can earn a minimum amount of GHS 300.00 from work being done.

A maximum amount that an MTN MoMo agent can earn will be around GHS 1200.00

This amount MoMo agents normally earn is a factor of the commission they accumulate by the end of the month.

For instance, if your commission exceeds what your monthly limit for work is based on the agreement between you and your employer, you can be gifted some amount to what you earn per month.

Does MTN Mobile Money Determines The Salary Limit of MoMo Agents

No, the MTN Mobile Money office has no say in determining the salary limit of MoMo agents. This is dependent on the job agreement between the employer and the employee.

Sometimes depending on how the business is booming, agents can receive an additional amount to their salaries.

What Is MTN MoMo Agents Code of Ethics

This is a set of guidelines and rules to help guide all who have been registered as MTN MoMo agents in their line of duties as mobile money agents.

This code of ethics creates a standard way of behavior with which MoMo agents conduct themselves and carry out their work.

It is a mandatory requirement for all who want to become an MTN MoMo agent. You will need to fill it before you can become a MoMo agent.

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