FNB EWallet Code, How To Register, Get PIN & Use It

In this guide, we will narrow our lenses on the FNB eWallet code. So without much ado, let’s get rolling.

One of the fastest-growing financial avenues is the use of mobile banking platforms and other electronic banking products.

The First National Bank (FNB) is a leading name when it comes to banking in some parts of Africa.

It has implemented various banking services and products that have fast-track transactions.

One of these is the First National Bank eWallet code. This code aids transactions at ATM outlets and other retail services.

What Is FNB EWallet Code

The FNB eWallet code is *120*277#. This code is available to all customers and can be used for many banking and retail services. The exciting thing is that you can easily register and start using it.

Requirements To Get FNB EWallet Code

The following lists the requirements to get an FNB eWallet PIN:

1. A mobile phone

2. A registered SIM card

3. FNB mobile banking PIN

4. Airtime

5. A stable network signal

How Do I Get FNB Ewallet Code

Here is how to get FNB eWallet code:

1. Kindly dial *120*277*1# on your mobile phone

2. This will welcome you to the eWallet menu.

3. Proceed and select option 1 to request your wallet PIN

4. You will receive an SMS containing a four-digit number which is your wallet PIN.

5. This completes the process.

6. Once you are done, you can use this PIN for the functions it allows. However, you must note that this PIN has an expiration period.

When Does FNB EWallet Expire

The FNB eWallet has an expiration period of 16 hours. What this means is that, once you generate it, you have 16 hours from the tune generated to use it. Once it expires, you can’t use it anymore.

Does EWallet Have A Limit

Yes, FNB has a limit to how much you can use the FNB eWallet to transact. This amount is mostly defined on the FNB platform, or you can contact customer care with your details to find out what the limit is.

What Is The Maximum Amount For FNB EWallet

The maximum amount you can transact on your FNB eWallet is R5 000, which is allowed at any FNB ATM. This amount is a base amount and applies to all users of the eWallet.

Here is where we will end on “FNB eWallet PIN.”

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