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Embassy Of Zimbabwe In Ghana: Location & Contact, High Commission, Accra

Today in this article, our main focus is on the Zimbabwe Embassy in Ghana, we will give you details about all the embassy, including location, contact, email, consular, etc.

Before we continue, let us find out how Zimbabwe set up an embassy in Ghana.

What You Must Know About Zimbabwe And Ghana

Africa is poised for unity, and countries on the continent are using their bilateral relations with sister countries to enhance.

Zimbabwe is a country that believes in peace and has set up many foreign missions in other countries such as the Zimbabwe Embassy in Ghana.

The Zimbabwean Government saw the opportunities which exist around having a bilateral relationship with a country such as Ghana and acted upon it.

Likewise, Ghana, seeing who shares the same values s Zimbabwe, made it very easy for their relations.

However, the Zimbabwean Embassy in Ghana represents the interest of the Government of Zimbabwe in Ghana as well as seeking the welfare of their citizens in Ghana.

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Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Embassy Of Zimbabwe In Ghana

Mr. K. Chinoza is the ambassador of the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Ghana.

Since the was appointed into office, he has made a marvelous effort to ensure the relationship between the two countries remains healthy.

Are you one of the many people desiring to go to the embassy for assistance? But do you know where it is located?.

Well, we will show you all that in a moment, keep reading.

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Where Is The Zimbabwean High Commission In Ghana Located

The Zimbabwe Embassy in Ghana is located in Accra, the capital city, similarly is many others.

The embassy can be found in a very engaging environment with a spacious car park with well-trained security personnel.

It is very easy to find the embassy even if you are coming to Accra for the first time, don’t stress yourself we are here for you.

Since the embassy does not work at all times, you always have to make sure you visit them at the time specified when you contact them.

Directions You Must Follow To Find The High Commission of Zimbabwe in Accra

You can use the direction below to locate the embassy.

Coming from the Startimes Ghana head office using the Akosombo street road, go straight towards Helios Towers Ghana.

After Helios Towers Ghan slows down, you are getting close to the embassy. The

Zimbabwe embassy is located along the Akosombo Street Road after the Poky House Forex Bureau.

Neogenetics Education, Three Bears international school, commonwealth AID., and clinic are the notable landmarks close to the embassy.

You see, that is an easy route to locate the embassy. I can see you are very excited, but hold on, is that all you need?

What about calling the embassy before you visit?

Yes, its the best thing to do as they will give you guidelines a to which section is responsible for rendering the assistance you seek.

You can read in the next section to know how you can contact the embassy.

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How To Contact The High Commission Of Zimbabwe In Ghana For Fast Response

If you need any assistance or information from the embassy, the first thing to do is contact them.

Do you have their contact details? Which option are you most conversant?

Is it email, telephone number, or postal addresses, well the embassy has provided many options through which you can contact them, and you can choose any of them to use.

Don’t worry about your choice as they respond to all.

You can reach the embassy on any of their telephone numbers below. That is if you wish to call them rather.

Telephone : (+233) 30-278 0956  or (+233) 30-278 0958

If you want yo send them en email, use any of their official email address below

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

There is an option for those who want to write a letter to the embassy, and you can send your letter to their private mailbox address below.

Private Mailbox Box: 16 Akosombo Road, Airport Residential Area, P.M.B. CT 88, Cantonments, Accra.

Finally, you have every information you need about the Zimbabwe embassy in Ghana to contact them.

We will do our best to give you up to date information, and we advise you always to check it out frequently, so you know if there are any changes.

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