United Arad Emirate Embassy In Ghana

Embassy Of The United Arab Emirates In Ghana: Location & Contacts UAE High Commission Ghana

Our main objective in today’s article is to give you all the relevant information about the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Ghana.

Many of our readers have requested it, and today we are here to give it all to you. Are you a foreigner or a citizen in Ghana?

Maybe you want to visit the UAE embassy for urgent assistance, and what if you don’t even know their location?

Don’t worry. We will give you the easiest direction to find them.

What You Must Know About UAE High Commission In Ghana

The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Ghana is one of their many foreign missions across the globe.

In Ghana, the High Commission of UAE is one of the in-demand embassies in the country.

Whenever the name UAE pops up, nothing else comes in mind except travel, and the United Arab Emirates makes tons of income from tourism.

However, someone may ask what is so special about the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is one country that displays luxury in a very astonishing style, coupled with the entertainment that it gives to tourists who visit the country.

Because tourism is one of the core ingredients of their economic growth, they also have set up many foreign relations within many countries around the world.

There are significant opportunities for having relations with the United Arab Emirates, and due to that, most countries are always in a hurry to accept such offers.

If your country has a bilateral relationship with the UAE, you should be very happy as there are infinite benefits you can enjoy from such relations.

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Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Embassy Of United Arab Emirates Embassy In Ghana

His Excellency Khalifa Yousif Alzaabi is the ambassador to the UAE Embassy in Ghana.

He and his other stuff has done tremendously well as they serve tons of people every day.

What surprises me most is the systematic approach they put in place in serving all these people, and even in the midst of all that, their customer service is one that will wow you.

Now you what the embassy offers and set up, so lets us find out where you can find them.

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Locate The UAE Embassy in Ghana The Simplest Way

The High Commission of the UAE in Ghana is located in Accra, and it is not a surprise as almost all other embassies in Ghana are located there.

Are you interested in visiting the embassy? But for what reason? Maybe you need a visa, passport, or a citizen of the UAE seeking services from the embassy?

Well, this and many reasons are why you need to visit the embassy for assistance.

They work within specific hours, and you can only visit them within this specified time.

Also, you should contact them before you go.

Within Accra, the embassy is located in a busy yet, a serene environment with a spacious car park.

Easiest Route To Find The UAE Embassy In Accra

Follow the directions below to locate the UAE embassy in Ghana.

Coming from the Gaming Commission of Ghana towards the Twinkle Tots International School using the Fifth Circular Road, go straight and take a left turn onto the Obenesu Link Road in front of Akomaa Homes.

From this point, you are almost at the embassy, move a few minutes and take a right turn onto the Obenesu Cres Road.

The UAE Embassy in Accra is located along the Obnesu Cres Road.

Address Of The United Arab Emirates Diplomatic Mission In Accra

To give you more gist Adu Gate, Star-Ghana, Good Neighbors Ghana, and Knights Courts are notable landmarks close to the embassy.

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Address Of The Embassy Of United Arab Emirates In Ghana

If that is not enough, don’t panic, you can use the street address below to locate the embassy.

Address: No.4 Obenesu Crescent, Cantonments, Accra Ghana.

Now that you have known where the embassy is located, don’t you think you need to contact them?

You can read in the next section to know all their official contact details.

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How To Contact The United Arab Emirates High Commission In Ghana In Just Minutes

There are many reasons why people want to contact the embassy. Are you a student, tourist, or businessman who needs a visa to the UAE?

You can visit the embassy for assistance, but do you know what is required of you for a visa? Even what is their visa fee?

You now have an idea why you need to contact the embassy before you visit them.

Anytime you want to contact them, we advise you to make sure you are contacting them through their official contact details.

As we always do for you, we have fetched all their contact information for you, therefore choose which one best suits you and contact them.

If you want to call the United Arab Emirate Embassy in Ghana, contact them on their phone numbers below.

Telephone : (+233) 30 221 5555

Mobile : (+233) 50 155 5328

Also, is the email address you can reach the UAE High Commission in Accra.

Email: [email protected]

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