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Embassy Of Saudi Arabia In Ghana: Know Their Location, Contact, Address & More

Are you a resident in Ghana and looking for the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ghana? Then you have nothing to worry about. We have all the information about the embassy.

By the end of this article, you will know all the relevant details about the Saudi High Commission, including their contacts, location, address, postal address, consulate ad many more.

In other not to consume much of your time, let’s find out why the embassy was established.

What you should Know About the Saudi Arabian Diplomatic Mission In Ghana

Saudi Arabia, another country that has made a name for itself when it comes to issues relating to finance, their oil reserve is one that comes into mind when the name Saudi is mentioned.

They have relations to a lot of countries across the world.

This has yielded to their many foreign missions worldwide, such ash the Saudi Arabia embassy in Ghana.

They have a lot of embassies in many countries, including Ghana.

Today we will share with you all the detailed information you need to know about the Saudi Arabian embassy in Ghana.

We will show you where you can locate them, how you can contact them, and any information relating to the visa application.

Who Is The Ambassador Of The Saudi Arabian Embassy In Ghana

His Excellency, Mr. Mishaal bin Hamdan Al-Rouqi, is the ambassador and head of mission to the Saudi Embassy in Ghana.

It is not a surprise for such overwhelming achievements so far, and he is indeed a hard-working man.

The Saudi High Commission in Ghana is the sole representative of their Government in the country.

Thus, it is the embassy’s responsibility to seek the safety of Saudi Arabian citizens living in Ghana.

Now that we have to know how the embassy was established and what they do, lets us find out where it is located.

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Where You Can Find The Saudi Arabian Embassy In Ghana

The Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ghana is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Withing the town, they are situated in a famous place, which makes it hustle free to find them.

Maybe you will go there in your car, and you are wondering where you can park it. Worry not, there is a spacious place you can park your car with comfort.

Also, even if you have disability challenges, the embassy is still accessible to everyone, regardless of your nature.

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Working Hours Of The Suadi Arabian High Commission In Ghana

The Saudi Embassy operates from Monday to Thursday, between 9:00 am to 4:00pm.

However, locating the embassy is not complicated, but we strongly advise that before you will visit the embassy, contact them.

The embassy has different sections for each service, and you will know which part is in charge of your query and be directed appropriately.

Directions To The Saudi Arabia High Commission Office In Accra

Follow the directions below to locate the Saudi embassy, and it is brief.

Take a left turn ton the Osu Badu Ave Road from the Accra-Tema Motorway, and go straight passing by the BEIG bank Dworwulu branch.

Follow the road towards the tail end of the road in front of Richard Solutions, and Turn right on Osu Badu Cres.

Again go along the road and take a left turn onto the Noi Frekete Road. At this point, you are a few minutes away from the embassy.

The Saudi Embassy is located on your right of the Noi Frekete Road just near Sunspot Hotel.

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Address Of The Saudi Embassy In Ghana

Sometimes it is challenging to use the directions, especially if you are new to the place, but I have another option.

Yes, you can also use their street address to find them.

Below is the address of the Saudi High Commission in Ghana.

Street Address: No. 10 Noi. Fetreke Street, Roman Ridge Airpor, Residential Area, Near Sunpot Hotel.

You can read in the next section to know how you can contact the embassy.

A Simple Way You Can Contact The Saudi Arabian Embassy In Ghana

You can contact the Saudi Embassy anytime during their working hours.

They have provided different means through which you can contact the embassy, including email, telephone numbers, and postal addresses.

Any of them is available to use every day, but it’s your choice to use one you are conversant using.

However, many people who contact the embassy always prefer to reach them through the phone.

So, when that happens, it leaves other contact channels free, and that is where you must take advantage.

Here is the Saudi Arabia Embassy’s telephone number in Ghana, if you want to call them.

Telephone: 00233302774311

You can also call them through their official mobile phone number below.

Mobile: 00233549522222

You can fax the Saudi High Commission on the Fax number below.

Fax: 00233302774829.

For a faster response, you can email the Saudi Embassy through their email address below.

Email: [email protected]

For all consular information, we advise you to call the numbers above and contact the embassy for guidelines.

They will assist you with all you need concerning visa applications to Saudi.

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Website Saudi Arabia Embassy In Ghana

We have done our bit to provide you with all the detailed information to contact the Saudi Embassy.

What if that is not adequate for you? Then you need to visit their website.

However, always make sure you are visiting the official web address of their embassy.

Use the web address below to visit the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ghana website.


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