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Russia Embassy In Ghana: Extensive Guide About Russia High Commission In Ghana

We welcome you once again to another mouthwatering guide about the Russia Embassy in Ghana.

Our primary focus is to give you detailed information about the Russian High Commission, including their contact, location, address, consulate, opening hours, and many others.

Let find out why the embassy was set up and what they do.

What You Should Know About The Russian Diplomatic Mission In Ghana

Russia, one of the most developed countries across the globe.

It has a lot of foreign missions in many countries across the world, such as the Diplomatic Mission of Russia in Ghana.

However, over the years, Russia’s contribution to international trade and economic growth has been immense.

They have added a lot to countries in many cases throughout the African continent, and Ghana is not an exception.

The relations between Russia and Ghana has grown over the years, with a lot of positive outcomes.

The Embassy of Russia in Ghana has worked tirelessly, serving citizens of both countries.

Their head of mission and his staff are dedicated to building and maintaining the relationship between the two countries.

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Who Is The Current Russian Ambassador Of The Russian Embassy In Ghana

Currently, MR. Suslov Dmitry Yuryevich is the ambassador of the Russian Embassy in Ghana.

He has done a phenomenal work towards the embassy’s core mandate and also implements the interest of Russia.

Now that we have seen how the embassy was set up and what they do let us find out about where you can find them.

Where Is the Russian Embassy In Ghana Located

Locating the Russian Embassy does not involve any complications. Don’t be confused; we will give you the easiest route to find them quickly.

Before we proceed, you need to take note of this. We recommend that before you visit the embassy, you contact them.

That will help you to know which department of the embassy you are visiting.

However, the Chancery of the Russian Embassy in Ghana is located in Accra, within a very accommodative environment.

So, you are not to worry about security and where you can park your car.

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Directions To The Russia High Commission In Ghana

Follow the directions below to find then Russian Embassy in Accra.

Coming from the 37 Military Hospital going towards the Christ’s The King Catholic Church, take a left turn on the junction right before the church onto the Jawaharial Nehru Road.

At this point, it is confirmed you are a few minutes away from the embassy.

Go straight along the Jawaharial Nehru Road.

The Russian Embassy is immediately located on your left side of the road after the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA) office.

Address Of The Russian Embassy In Accra

If that did not help, you can use the street address below to locate the embassy.

Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Switchback Lane, Accra, Ghana

How You Can Contact The Russian Embassy In Ghana

The Russian embassy has made available a lot of options through which you can contact them, including email, postal address, phone numbers, etc.

However, it is your own choice to choose which one you are conversant to use.

Despite the numerous contact options, it is still vital o find those that are very responsive.

You will agree that everyone who intends to call the embassy and wants a fast response always prefers to call them on the phone.

But they respond in the same manner to emails, so why do you give a shot.

Here are the correct telephone numbers you can use to call the Russian Embassy in Ghana.

Telephone : 233 302 775 611 or +233 302 767 887

Also, you can reach them through the mobile phone numbers below.

Mobile : +233 506 147 041

Their email address is very active and responsive.

Below is the email address of the High Commission of Russia in Accra.

Email: [email protected]

If you prefer to write a letter to the embassy, below is their postal address.

Postal Address: The Embassy of the republic of Russian,

Post Office Box CT8882, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Switchback
Lane, Accra, Ghana

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Consulate Of Russia In Ghana

The consulate section at the Russian Embassy is responsible for awarding visas, passport, and legalizing documents, and many others.

Are you looking for a student visa? Or you need a Visa to travel and stay, work or do business in Russia?

Then it would help if you visited the Russian consulate to start your application.

Below is the telephone number of the Russian Consulate in Accra.

Telephone : 233 302 775 611

Here is the mobile number of the Consulate of Russia in Ghana.

Mobile : +233 506 147 041

The Russian Embassy In Ghana Website

Sometimes you may need more information, and if what we have given you is not enough, we recommend you visit their website.

The embassy has all the detailed and relevant information you might need on their website.

You can get every visa-related information, including visa application fee, scholarship visa, and many more on the site.

However, always make sure you are visiting the official website of the embassy. That is why the embassycare.com is still your best bet.

Use the website address below to visit the website of theĀ  Embassy of Russia Ghana.

Website: https://ghana.mid.ru/en

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