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Namibia Embassy In Ghana – Everything You Must Know About The Namibia High Commission In Accra

We welcome you once again to the, and as we always do, today, our focus is on the Namibia Embassy in Ghana.

Therefore without wasting much of your time, let us find why the embassy was set up and what they do.

What You Must Know About The Namibia Embassy In Ghana

The Namibia High Commission in Ghana is one of their many foreign missions across the Africa continent.

Namibia is a very peaceful and well Governed democratic nation. They have joined the campaign of many countries preaching peace in Africa over the years.

The Namibian Government recognized they share the same values with Ghana.

Therefore there was the need for a bilateral relation, which led to trade an investment bond between the two countries.

Since the existence of their relationships, the two countries have enjoyed support from both ends. That has added some improvement to the growth of their economies.

You can not talk about Africans without the peace and unity that exist between the countries.

This one of the things makes the continent very well equipped towards crises such as wars and political turbulence.

The High Commission of Namibia in Ghana has helped to facilitate the union and communications between the two countries.

Also, the embassy is mandated to seek the welfare of all Namibians living in Ghana.

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The Current Ambassador Of The Namibian Embassy In Ghana

His Excellency Charles B. Josob is the ambassador and head of mission to the Namibia Embassy in Ghana.

He has assured the general public they are here to serve and do everything within their capacity to help them.

Also, he said, they will continue to maintain and foster the unity between the two countries.

Now that we know what brought the embassy and what they do let us find out where the embassy can be found.

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Where Is The Embassy Of Namibia In Ghana Located

There is no stress in finding the Namibian embassy’s location, as we have already seen in the cases of other foreign missions, the Namibian Embassy is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Working Hours Of Th High Commission Of Namibia In Accra

There are many precautions you need to take when you want to visit the embassy.

Just like many other government agencies, the embassy does not operate 24hhours a day.

So, we advise before you will make any move to contact the embassy before.

The Namibia High Commission in Ghana works from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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Directions To The High Commission Of Namibia In Accra

Follow the directions below to locate them in Accra.

The Namibia Embassy is located along the Nortei Ababio Street withing Airpot residential area.

Coming from Reebok, Ghana follow the road and pass by Healthnet Airport Medical Center. Once you bypass the medical center, it is a confirmation you are almost at the embassy.

The Namibian Embassy in Ghana is located along the 21 Nortei Ababio Street after GKL and Baker Hughes Staff House.

Let me make it easier for you, notable landmarks close to the embassy are Healthnet Airport medical center, Davi spot Twumduase, and Zambian High commission.

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Address Of The Namibia Diplomatic Mission In Accra

Maybe the directions weren’t clear for you, here is another option, you can use their street address to locate them.

Below is the address of the Namibia High Commission in Ghana.

Address: 21 Nortei-Ababio Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.

Now you know where the Namibian Embassy in Accra is located, which is very important.

But is that enough? Certainly not. It is vital to contact the embassy for guidelines about your queries.

That is why we have gathered all the available contact options to reach the embassy for you. Read in the next sect to know how you can contact the embassy.

Easiest Way To Contact The Embassy Of Namibian Embassy In Ghana

If you have read the post to this section, it is very undeniable you are interested to know how you can contact the embassy.

That is a good practice as we advise our readers when dealing with embassies, you always need to get every detail about them.

That is because it makes it easier for you to know what to do in every situation.

However, the embassy is much aware of the high demand for people who are seeking assistance.

Therefore, they have given out different options through which you can contact them.

We have gathered all that information. It is now your responsibility to choose one which suits you.

If you want to call the Namibia Embassy in Ghana, you can use any telephone numbers below.

Telephone : +233(0)30 2799764 or +233(0)30 2799765

You can send them an email on their official email address below.

Email: [email protected]

If you love to send them a fax message, this is their fax number.

Fax : +233(0)30 278 8438

You just saw how you could contact the embassy through various options. Now let us find out about their consulate.

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Is There Namibian Consulate In Ghana

Yes, the Namibia Embassy in Ghana has a consular section in charge of all consular affairs such as visa application, visa issuance, document legalization, and passport renewal or application for a new passport.

Maybe you are a student, tourist, or entrepreneur who needs a visa to Namibia, then head over to the Namibian consular department at the embassy for assistance.

You can use any of their contact details below to contact the consular.

For inquiries about consular services, call these numbers.

Telephone : +233 (0) 30 2799764 or +233 (0) 30 2799765

You can also reach them through an email to know more about their consular services.

Email: [email protected]

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Website Of The Namibia High Commission In Ghana

Finally, we have fulfilled our promise. You now know and have a lot of information about the Namibia Embassy.

You can either call them or send them en email, but you will agree with me it is always better to hear from the horses own mouth.

What do I mean to buy that? The extensive information about the embassy is still available on their website.

You can use the site address below to visit the official website, the Embassy of Namibia, in Ghana.

Web Address:

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