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Malta Embassy In Ghana- Complete Guide About Malta Embassy In Ghana

Ghana is still growing numbers when it comes to foreign relations, and the Malta Embassy in Ghana is one of them.

Today, we will give you all you must know about the Malta High Commission in Ghana.

By the end of this exciting guide, you will know their location, contact, address, consulate, and many more.

For the reason of education, let find out how the embassy came and what it was set up to do.

Why The Malta Embassy In Ghana Was Set Up

One of the things that High Commissions usually focus on is their foreign relations with the host country.

You will agree that the Malta Embassy was not set up to issue visas to people who want to travel to Malta.

Although it is their mandate to take charge of all immigration issues relating to Malta in Ghana, their primary focus is on the trade and investment agreement with Ghana.

However, as it has always been presented, the relations between Ghana and Malta have given many opportunities to many Ghanaian citizens seeking to travel for greener pastures.

We have seen many people who have moved to Malta for many reasons, including studying, business, tourism, working, permanent stay, and many more.

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Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Embassy Of Malta In Ghana

His excellency Mr. Jean Claude Galea Mallia is the ambassador of the Malta Embassy in Ghana.

Ghana Government has showered praises on the ambassador the Malta embassy for good work done and his commitment so far.

The ambassador has also assured the government that they will do everything within their capacity to serve citizens of both countries.

Furthermore, if you find yourself reading this article, we perceive you are seeking some information.

Therefore we implore you to make sure you understand the whole article to get the details and all guidelines accurate.

We do not want to waste enough of your precious time, so if all is set, let us look at where we can locate the embassy.

Read in the next section.

Where Is The Malta Embassy In Ghana Located

The Malta Embassy in Ghana is located in Accra.

It is situated within a serene environment with rigorous security at the compound, and even for those who will go there with cars, you don’t need to worry. You will get a place to park your vehicle.

The embassy does not work 24hours a day.

Therefore we recommend you contact them before you make any attempt to go there and always make sure you go to the embassy a few minutes earlier than the time specified.

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Directions To The Office Of Maltese Embassy in Accra

You can follow the directions below to locate the embassy.

From any part of Accra, you can drive to the Kimbu area and locate the Accra Octagon Building along Barnes Road.

The Malta High Commission is located in Block A in the Octagon Building.

Address Of The Malta High Commission In Ghana

The octagon building is trendy, and you should not have complications finding it, but that is not clear fro you, then you can use their street address below to locate them:

Address: Block A, Octagon building, Barnes Road, Accra.

Knowing the location alone is not enough. The most critical aspect is contacting the embassy for guidelines.

Maybe you need quick information from them, but what if you are far away?

That is why you have to reach them either through a phone call or an email. Read in the next section to see how you can contact the embassy.

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Simple Way you can Easily Contact The Malta Embassy In Ghana.

The Malta High Commission is very committed to serving everyone. For that reason, they have provided different options through which you can contact them for any inquiries.

You will have to note that their phone numbers are not toll-free; therefore, you will be charged by your mobile phone network when you call.

You can contact the embassy for all notarial and consular services, including visa application, Visa issuance, passport renewal, and application.

Although the Ghana Government has put measures to protect every foreigner living in the country, we all know it is not enough for foreign nationals.

Despite all that, the Malta embassy has made available emergency phone numbers to all Maltese in Ghana.

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Telephone Number Of The Embassy of Malta High Commission In Accra

You can choose from any of the contact options below.

Below is the telephone number of the Embassy Of Malta in Accra:

Mobile : (+233) 24 242 0804

For any Maltese residing in Ghana, you call the embassy if you need assistance during an emergency, call this number:

Emergency phone: 0023 547044295

Also, you can reach the embassy through the email address below:

Email: [email protected]

It will be of help if you want to write a letter to the embassy, below is their postal address:

Postal Address: Post Office. Box AD330, Adabraka, Accra, Ghana.

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Website Of The Maltese High Commission In Ghana

Finally, congratulations if you read this article to this end, we are happy you have all the information you need about the embassy.

We will keep updating this information in case there are some changes.

We advise you to visit frequently to get the most updated information.

Even though we have provided almost all the relevant information you might require about the embassy, it is imperative to visit their official website for extensive information.

Here is the web address to visit the website of the Malta Embassy in Ghana.

Website: https://foreignandeu.gov.mt/en/Embassies/HC_Accra

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