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Malaysian Embassy In Ghana : Location, Contacts & Address Of The High Commission Of Malaysia Accra

Today, we have something exciting for you about the Malaysian Embassy in Ghana.

Reading this guide suggests that you need some details about the embassy, such as location, contact, address, opening hours, consulate, and many others.

That is precisely why we are here, and you will get all that by the end of this article.

Besides, let’s find out why the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana was set up and what they do.

Embassies, today has become one of the many institutions no country can ever ignore, and the Malaysia Embassy in Ghana is an example.

People from different countries across the world travel to other countries in search of greener pastures.

However, while some of these processes go through some stressful conditions, they still do everything in their capacity to get the necessary documentation.

The Malaysian Diplomatic Mission in Ghana has a core mandate to maintain and execute the interest of the Malaysian Government in Ghana.

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Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Malaysian Embassy In Ghana

Currently, Mr. Ron Dlyan Anak Jeffry is the Acting Commissioner of the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana.

Do you need a visa for Malaysia? Maybe you need to legalize your documents for the visa application.

If these are what you need, you have nothing to worry about. We are coming to show you the right way to go for it.

Next, you will know the quickest way to locate the embassy. It is just so easy and stress-free.

Where You Can Locate The Malaysian Embassy In Ghana

Before you can go to the embassy, you must first know what you are going to do. Are you going there for a job or Visa application?

Maybe you need a passport? Then it would be best if you took the time to read this section carefully.

The Malaysian Embassy operates from Monday to Friday, and their working hours are between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We highly recommend you will contact them concerning anything before you go to the office.

If you are looking for the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana, it is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Because it is within a very trendy area in the town, it makes finding it more comfortable.

Directions You Must Follow To Locate The Malaysia Embassy Quickly

You can use the direction below to visit the embassy.

Using the Tema motorway follow the road straight from the Menzgold office towards Ghana Petroleum commission.

Right after the petroleum commission office, take a right turn and pass on the Osu Badu Avenue Road.

From there go straight, passing by the BEIG bank Dworwulu, there is a ‘T’ Junction before Cape 3 Limited Services turn right to the Osekere road.

Straight in front of you after Total Family Health is the Malaysian Embassy. I told you, you see how easy that is?.

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Address Of The High Commission Of Malaysia In Ghana

You will surely need their street address to make it more comfortable for you.

This is their street address.

Street Address: 87, Noi Petreke Street West Airport Accra, Accra North.

I am sure many of you need their contact information too, and that is the most relevant information you can get about the embassy.

Head over to the next section and read more about how you can contact them.

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Fastest Way You Can Contact The Malaysian Embassy in Ghana

The Malaysian High Commission is ready to assist you on anything within their capacity should you need their assistance.

So the ball is in your court, feel free to contact them anytime you need their service.

If you need a visa, for a tour, education, business, work, etc., you must contact them. You only need to meet their requirement, and you will have all that done for you.

Remember, when contacting the embassy, you have taken into account to verify if it the correct contact details of the embassy. That is to protect you from scammers.

Here is the telephone number of the Malaysian Embassy in Ghana if you want to call them.

Telephone: 233302763691

They respond fast to emails, so you have no problem if you want to reach them through email. Below is the email address of the Malaysian High Commission.

Email: [email protected]

Please note that for a fast response, you should contact them during the working hours of the embassy.

I agree that this post will not serve everyone thoroughly, that is why you should visit their website for more information, so we have given you all that in the next chapter.

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The Malaysian Embassy In Ghana Website

It will be of great help to you if you visit the Malaysian embassy website. There is a lot of information on how you can apply for any visa they offer.

The website has all the details concerning the embassy listed and explained to your understanding. The interface is navigation-friendly, so do not worry.

Use the web address below to visit the website of the embassy.

Website: www.kln.gov.my/web/gha_accra/

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