Embassy Of Malaysia In Kenya

Embassy Of Malaysia In Kenya – Location & Contacts Address, Nairobi

Malaysia has been very active on the African continent through its foreign missions, such as the Malaysia Embassy in Kenya.

Kenya is increasing its foreign trade relations across the world.

As a result, Kenya has seen a massive improvement in many sectors, including Education, Health, Agriculture, Tourism, and the Financial industry.

However, it suggests that bilateral relationship is an excellent tool to revive the economies of under-developed countries. 

Malaysia is factually one of the leading countries in both import and export.

Therefore it makes sense that Kenya has initiated such a relationship with them. I think Kenya acted very smartly.

As citizens, we are to make use of any opportunity that such relations present.

That is why most Kenyans are always seeking visas to travel to countries such as Malaysia.

The Malaysian High Commission is the representative of the Malaysian Government in Kenya.

Consequently, it is their mandate to convey information between the two countries and seek the welfare of all Malaysians in Kenya.

Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Malaysian Embassy In Kenya

His Excellency Datuk Loh Sec Going is the ambassador of the Malaysian Embassy in Kenya.

As you know, here at EmbassyCare, we give it all to you. So far his administration has done a tremendous jobe to see the activities of the embassy move a step ahead.

Now that we know how the embassy came up, let us find out where we can find it.

Where is the Malaysia Embassy in Kenya located

The Malaysian Embassy in Kenya is located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Nairobi is a big city, and it has many notable landmarks, so looking for a place within the tow is a Cakewalk.

However, if you want to visit the embassy, it is proper to call them before you go.

The chancery office has a vast compound.

As a result, there is a space you can park your car, and even if you are physically challenged, you can still have access to the embassy.

The Malaysian Embassy in Kenya operates from Monday to Friday, and their working hours are between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Direction To The Embassy Of Malaysia in Nairobi

You can use the directions below if you are looking for the Malaysian Embassy in Kenya.

It would be best and crucial if you found the Gigiri police station it is very famous so that you won’t have any difficulty finding it.

When coming from the Gigiri police station towards Serenity Spa Gigiri, take a right turn onto the Gigiri Lane Road towards the UN world Food office and again turn right on the Gigiri Groove Road.

The Malaysian Embassy is located along the Gigiri Groove Road a few meters away from Homely Guests House.

Address To The Malaysian High Commission Office In Kenya

If the information above is not enough for you, you could also use their street address below to find the Malaysian Embassy in Nairobi.

Address: Block 91/404, Gigiri Grove, Gigiri

We now know where to find the embassy, so let’s find out how we can contact the Malaysian embassy in Kenya.

How To Contact The Malaysia Embassy in Kenya

If you want to contact the Malaysian Embassy in Kenya, do not stress yourself.

We have all the contact details of the embassy for you. But, bear in mind, always verify that the contact information is correct.

That is a good measure to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side.

Often, there is numerous frustration that comes with contacting embassies.

It’s is a result of the pressure on their telephone numbers due to other people contacting the embassy.

In the case of the Malaysian Embassy, they have added more options you can use to contact them.

That has made it very smooth for people to reach them. You can contact them anytime, just within minutes.

Use any of the contact information available below to reach the Malaysian Embassy.

Phone Number Of The Malaysian High Commission In Nairobi

If you want to call the Malaysia Embassy in Kenya, here is the phone number to Call.

Telephone: +254 20 7123374+254 20 7123375, +254 20 2377720, or +254 20 2377732

You can contact them through emails, and here is their email address.

Email: [email protected]

This is their fax number if you want to contact them through fax messages.

Fax: +254 20 7123371, or +254 20 7123367

Also, you can even write a letter to the embassy.

Below is the official postal address of the Malaysia Embassy in Kenya.

Address: Post Office Box 42286, 00100, Nairobi.

You can read in the next section if you need information about ten Consular services of the Malaysian Embassy in Kenya.

Consulate Of Malaysia In Kenya

Does Malaysia have a Consulate in Kenya?

Yes, Malaysia has a consulate in Nairobi.

The Malaysia High Commission offers almost all consular services to Malaysians, Kenyans, and other foreign nationals living in Kenya.

Therefore, there is a Consular department at the Malaysia High Commission office in Kenya.

As the name suggests, the consular department is responsible for all consular services.

Do you want to apply for a Malaysian visa? Or you what to renew your Malaysian passport.

Contacts Of The Malaysia Consulate In Malaysia

You can reach the Consular Section at the Malaysian Embassy in Kenya.

If you want to call the Malaysia Consulate in Kenya, here is their phone number.

Telephone: +254 20 7123374

You can make an inquiry from the Consular through their email address below.

Email: [email protected]

You must contact the Consular Section of the embassy on the condition that you want to apply for a Malaysian visa in Kenya.

Website Of The Malaysian High Commission In Kenya

Furthermore, if you what more information about the embassy, you should visit their official website.

It is imperative as you will get more relevant information about the embassy for you.

Website: https://www.kln.gov.my/web/ken_nairobi/

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