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Italy Embassy In Ghana: Location & Contact, High Commission Accra

In this article, we will give you extra detailed information about the Italy Embassy in Ghana, including their location, phone numbers, Consular services, and many more.

Italy is well known as a giant nation and has a perfect relationship with Ghana.

Ghana’s cooperation with many countries has given them the edge and invited many countries to partner with them.

The Italian Government sees excellent potential in Ghana. Due to this, they have continued to strengthen their bilateral relations.

That has resulted in the many aids the Italian Government offers to Ghana. Italy, in return, has gained from its trade and investment relations with the West African country.

The Italian Diplomatic Mission is the representation of the Government of Italy in Ghana.

One of the embassy’s core objectives is to foster the relationship between the two countries, taking care of all communications between the two nations.

The embassy also makes sure any Italian citizen who visits Ghana is safe.

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Who Is The Current Ambassador Of The Italian Embassy In Ghana

His excellency Giovanni Favilli is the ambassador of the Italian Embassy in Ghana.

The embassy offers most consular services to citizens and anyone who wants to travel to Italy in Ghana.

Now that we know how the embassy was set up and what they do, let’s find out about where you can find it.

How To Locate The Italian Embassy In Ghana Within Minutes

Many people troop in and out of the Italian Embassy every day. Maybe you also need some assistance and want to visit the embassy.

Do you know what their office hours are? What do you need before you can visit the embassy?.

These and many questions are the reasons why you need to get more information before you visit.

Do not worry. We at the EmbassyCare will show you that in a moment, continue reading.

Accra, as we all know, is the official capital city of Ghana, and obviously, many of the foreign missions are located there.

As a result of that, if you are looking for the Italian High Commission Ghana, it is located in Accra.

The Embassy of Italy operates from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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Directions To The Embassy Of Italy Office In Accra

Follow the simple directions below to locate them in Accra.

If you are coming from the Accra Mall using the N4 Highway, immediately after the Ghana Education Trust Fund office, turn slightly left onto the Airport Bypass Road.

From there, go straight to Aviation social center.

From the Social Aviation Center, move straight and cross the Giffard Road to the 2011 Haj Village. Turn right unto the Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

The Italian embassy is located there.

Address Of The High Commission Of Italy In Accra

Sometimes it is challenging to use the directions to find the embassy, but you must not worry as you can also use their physical address to find them.

Here is the address of the Italy Embassy in Accra

Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Cantonments, Accra.

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Easiest Way To Contact Th Italian Embassy In Ghana

The Italy Embassy has provided a lot of options through which you can contact them. Each one of their contact information is for a specific task.

For anything that you need assistance with, we are going to give you the contact details of the specific departments.

As we always advise, it is vital still to verify the contact details before you use them.

That is a good practice as it is a protective measure to ensure you don’t get to the wrong destination.

Contact Details Of The Italian High Commission In Accra

Use any of their contact details below to reach the embassy.

Below are the Telephone numbers of the Embassy of Italy in Ghana, if you want to call them.

Telephone numbers : 00233 (0) 302 775621, or 00233 (0) 302 775622

For any emergency call this mobile number below

Mobile Phone: 00233 (0) 244317079 (Reserved only for Italian citizens)

Also, you can reach them through their email address below.

Email: [email protected]

It will be useful if you want to write a letter to the embassy, which is their postal address below.

Postal Address: Post Office Box CT 885 – Cantonments Accra, Ghana.

Consulate of Italy in Ghana

The Italian Consulate in Ghana offers most of the consular services that you might need.

Maybe you need a visa to Italy? Are you going to do business, study, visit, or work?

The Italian Consulate will assist you in making your wish possible.

If you are from Takoradi or Kumasi, worry no more, as you don’t need to travel to Italian Consulate in Accra for consular assistance?

That is because they have a consulate in Kumai and Takoradi. Please continue reading to know all their contact details of the Consulate in Ghana.

Contact Numbers Of The Consulate Of Italy In Accra

You can call the consular office in Accra on these numbers.

Consular telephone : 00233 030 2775621, or 00233 030 2775622

please send them to email to this email address

Consular email: [email protected]

For those in Takoradi, you can use the contact details below.

Telephone: 00233 312024855/263033

Email: [email protected]

You can use this to contact the Honorary vise consulate in Kumasi.

Below are the telephone numbers of the Consulate of Italy in Kumasi.

Telephone: 00233 3220 27175/23186

Also, below is their mobile phone number

Mobile: 00233 244 418949

Send them an email on this email address.

Email: [email protected]

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The Italian Embassy in Ghana Website

The Italian embassy in Ghana website has the most relevant detailed information you may need about the embassy.

For any guidelines regarding visa applications, and much other stuff from the embassy, you must visit their website for more information.

Use the web address below to visit the website of the Italian embassy in Ghana.

Website: https://ambaccra.esteri.it

That was well detailed as you can see, but there are more we may add later.

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