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Hungary Embassy In Kenya – Hungarian High Commission, Nairobi

Hungary has many foreign missions across all the continents, including Africa, such as the Hungary Embassy in Kenya.

Today, we can see the impact of bilateral relations on the African continent.

Although the African continent is far behind the development, the improvement now is overwhelming.

In Kenya, the Hungary High Commission was set up to represent the Hungarian Government for their bilateral trade between the two countries.

Many are wondering what is in Kenya that attracts such numerous bilateral relations.

It’s straightforward every country has something special that others do not have.

Consequently,, countries use partnership programs to get some support through the opportunities presented.

Kenya has got a lot of natural resources, but can they rely only on that? Of course not.

That’s why they need foreign relations to get more support and improve the status of their economic sector.

This article is intended to give you all the relevant information about the Hungarian Embassy in Kenya.

You will know all the details about their contact, location, address, visa application, and consulate.

We can’t waste any more time. Let’s move to the next section and find out how we can locate the Hungarian embassy.

Where is the Hungary Embassy in Kenya located

Are you looking for the Hungarian Embassy in Kenya? You don’t need to worry, at the EmbassyCare we have all the answers.

Well, it is straightforward if you want to locate the Hungarian High Commission in Kenya and you don’t need to worry, I will show you in a moment.

The Hungary Embassy in Kenya can be found in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

There are many famous landmarks in Nairobi, so looking for locating within Nairobi is very quick.

When you are visiting the embassy, here are some things you need to take into account.

You have to contact the embassy to know which section is responsible for your query and also you have to know the working hours of the embassy.

Once you know all that, it makes it very flexible to achieve what you seek.

Remember, before you can visit the embassy, you need to book an appointment, and the time to visit will be specified within the appointment.

Directions To The Hungary High Commission Office In Nairobi

You can use the directions below to locate the Hungarian Embassy in Nairobi.

When coming from the Newmatic Kitchen Appliances company along the James Gichuru Road, take a right turn at Muthangari plants onto the Kabarsiran Ave Road.

Again take a right on the Kabarsiran Gardens and passing by Calidad Systems.

The Hungary Embassy in Nairobi is located on your right.

Address To The Embassy Of Hungary Office In Nairobi

You could use the physical address below to locate the embassy if the directions about it did not help you.

Address: Kabarsiran Avenue off James Gichuru Road) Lavington

Read in the next section to know how you can contact the Hungary Embassy in Kenya.

Hungarian Embassy in Kenya contacts

Do you want to reach the Hungary Embassy? Which option are you conversant to use? Is it an emails phone call, writing a letter, or sending a fax message.

You have no problem, and you can contact the embassy through various options without any difficulty.

Are you aware the is are a lot of people always trying to contact the embassy?

Yes, that is why sometimes it is challenging to contact them through a phone call. But, you will know how you can contact the embassy for a faster response very soon.

Phone Numbers Of The Hungarian Embassy In Nairobi

On the condition that you want to call the Hungary Embassy in Kenya, here are their phone numbers:

00 254 738 905 187, or 00254 742 984 724

If you are conversant seeing emails, you can send them an email for a fast response to the email address below:

[email protected]

In case you want to write a letter to the embassy, this is the official postal address of the Hungary High Commission in Kenya:

Post Office Box: 661146-00200

You are yet to read the captivating part of this article.

Jump to the next section to know how you can apply for a Hungarian visa in Kenya.

Hungarian Consulate in Kenya

The Hungary Embassy in Kenya has a Consular section that offers all consular services to Greek citizens, Kenyans, and other foreign nationals in Kenya.

Maybe you are a Hungarian citizen living in Kenya. Do you need a new passport or renewal?

You can visit the Consular office for passport renewal, replacement, notarial services, and document legalization.

Kenyans and other foreign nationals who reside in Kenya must contact the consular section at the embassy for visa application services.

Phone Number Of The Hungarian Consulate In Kenya

You can call the Hungary Consulate in Kenya on the phone number below:

00 254 738 905 187

How do I get a Hungarian visa?

If you want to get a Hungarian visa in Kenya, all you need is to visit the Consular Section at the Hungarian Embassy in Kenya and inquire about all types of visa applications.

Do not forget the type of visa depends on what you are going to do in Hungary, whether for tourism, working, studying, or resident.

What documents do I need to travel to Hungary?

The only documentation requires for a Kenyan to travel to Hungary is visa. Once you have a visa, you can go to Hungary.

It is effortless to get a visa if you have the required documents for the visa application.

How much is the Hungarian visa fee in Kenya?

There are different visa fees for each type of visa, and so if you are going for tourism, work, study, or business, the visa fees are not the same.

But once you must visit the visa section at the embassy, you will get details about how much you are supposed to pay based on the type of visa you require.

Website Of The Hungarian Embassy In Kenya

For future information, you can visit the official website of the Hungary Embassy in Kenya.

You will get all details about visa and consular services .use the web address below to visit their website:


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