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How To Create MTN MoMo Account In Ghana

How To Create MTN MoMo Account In Ghana

Register For MTN Mobile Money

More people are being added up to the mobile money family day in and day out, so if you want to know how you can create a MoMo account, then this guide is all that you will need.

In this guide, we will exhaust all the parameters involved in how to create an MTN money (MoMo) account.

MTN Mobile Money is a financial operation space that offers a quick and easy made to carry out many financial services.

The amazing thing is that you just need a mobile phone to kick start this. It leaves your bank at your fingertips.

MTN MoMo has always been noted for its wide range of financial services and social assistance services. Even some things you won’t think about choosing to create an account with MTN MoMo are unreportable.

Requirements To Create MTN MoMo Account

In other to create an MTN MoMo account, the following requirements outlined are a must. Kindly make sure that all of these requirements are in place before you proceed to register MoMo account:

1. Must be 18 years and above

2. Should have a registered MTN SIM card

3. Should have an active mobile phone

4. Should have any of the national ID’s

5. Proof of residential address

6. Should now your house GPS address

How Do I Create MTN MoMo Account In Ghana

The following steps should serve as a guide if you want to create an MTN Mobile money account:

1. Visit any MTN agent outlet with all your required things.

2. Tell the agent you want to create an MTN mobile money account

3. He will request to fill some personal bio’s, like your full name, date of birth, and the like

4. Your ID card with which you want to register will be requested, and the needed information from it will be entered

5. When all of the information has been entered, you will be asked to input a 4-digits PIN.

6. An SMS will then be sent to your phone number, welcoming you to the MTN money space.

How Much Does It Cost To Create MoMo Account

Creating an MTN mobile money account does not cost much. The cost involved in registering sometimes differs from agent outlet to agent’s outlet, but on average, the total cost involved is Gh¢ 10.00.

Who Can Create MoMo Account

The mobile money account is available for every citizen provided:

•He/she is 18 years and above

•He/she has an MTN registered SIM card

In instances where you do not have an MTN SIM, visit any nearby SIM card vendor with your ID card to purchase and register for one.

Can I Create Multiple MoMo Account

Some people often ask, is it possible to create an additional mobile money account for the already existing one.

Yes, it is possible, but certain criteria must be ensured before multiple accounts can be created. Kindly note well the points below:

•You cannot create an additional account with an already registered MoMo number

•You cannot open another MoMo account with an ID card already used in creating one.

•To create another MoMo account will require a newly registered MTN SIM card and other national ID aside from the one you have already used.

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