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How To Contact The UK Embassy In Ghana- Telephone Numbers, Postal Address, Email Address, & Fax Number

Are you in Ghana and want to contact the UK Embassy in Ghana? Here is the right place to be.

In today’s embassy guide, we will show you the easiest at you to reach the British High Commission in Ghana within minutes.

However, embassies are high government agencies, and contacting them comes with many challenges, as many others are always seeking help from them. One thing you must know before you contact the embassy is the main reason you want to contact them.

That is because there various sections at the embassy, and each one is responsible for a different task.

How Do I Contact The British Embassy In Ghana

If you want to contact the British Embassy, there are various means you can use to reach them including, calling them on the phone, send then emails, fax messages, write a letter to their postal address.

It is crucial to note that you will always contact the embassy during their regular working hours.

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Contact Numbers You Can Use to Reach The Embassy Of The UK In Ghana

One of the best options you can use to reach the embassy is calling them through the phone.

Sometimes it is challenging since most people prefer contacting the embassy through a phone call.

Here is a tip to get a faster response if you want to call the UK Embassy, make sure you will call them through their official telephone numbers.

Also, see that you will call them the embassy during their regular working hours.

Below are the telephone numbers you can use to contact the British Embassy in Ghana:

+ 233 302 213 200

Email Address Of The Embassy Of UK In Ghana

Reaching the British Embassy through email is very flexible, and if you want to avoid all the hustle in contacting the consulate, use the email option.

Below is the email address of the UK Embassy in Ghana: [email protected]

Fax Number Of The British Embassy In Ghana

For those who wish to reach the embassy through fax, you can use their official fax numbers and forward any documents you wish to forward.

Use the fax number of the British Embassy in Ghana below: + 233 30 2213 274

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Postal Address Of The UK Embassy In Accra

There is also an alternative if you wish to write a letter to the High Commission of the UK in Ghana. Writing a letter to the embassy is one of the options you can use to reach them, but it is not the best option to use if you want a quick response. That Isa the postal address of the UK Embassy in Ghana below:

Julius Nyerere Link, off Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue
Post Office Box 296

Accra, Ghana

That is all you need to know about how to contact the UK Embassy in Ghana

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