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How To Contact The Canadian Embassy In Kenya: Phone Numbers, Email, Fax, Postal Address & More

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If you are looking for the most effortless way to reach the High Commission of Canada in Kenya, you are in the precise place.

As we all know, the Embassy of Canada is one of the hottest embassies in Kenya due to the high rate, including businessmen and women, students, and tourists who are willing to travel to Canada.

However, contacting the Embassy of Canada is effortless, unlike other embassies that are very challenging when you want to reach them.

There are many ways you can reach the Canadian diplomatic mission in Kenya, so you don’t need to worry.

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How Can I Contact The Canadian Embassy In Kenya

If you want to contact the Canadian Embassy in Kenya, there are various options you can use, including telephone numbers, email, fax, and many more.

Remember, before you can reach the embassy, you must know the appropriate department responsible for your query.

That is because they have a visa section, consular section, and many more.

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Telephone Number You Can Use To Contact The Embassy Of Canada In Kenya

One of the best means to reach the embassy is to call them through the phone, but due to numerous calls they receive every day, it is sometimes challenging to get your calls through.

If you want to call the Embassy of Canada in Kenya, use the telephone number below:
(+254-20) 366 3000

Official Email Address Of The High Commission Of Canada In Kenya

Here is another option you can utilize to reach the embassy, and it is one of the easiest ways you can use to send your information to the consulate.

If you have any queries for the consulate of Canada in Kenya or the embassy, use the email addresses below: [email protected]
Consular: [email protected]

Postal Address Of The Embassy Of Canada In Kenya

Are you seeking to write a letter to the Canada High Commission, it is also one of the ways you can reach the embassy for all your queries even though it is not the most suitable option if you want to faster response.

Below is the official postal address of the Embassy of Canada in Kenya:

Post Office Box 1013, 00621 Nairobi, Kenya

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Fax Number You Can Use To Reach The Canadian High Commission In Kenya

Maybe you want to send some documents to the embassy, one of the ways you can use is to fax it to their fax number. It saves time a lot of ass you may not need to walk to their premises. Here is the fax number if the Canada Embassy in Kenya: (+254-20) 366 3900

How Long Does It Take To Contact The Embassy Of Canada

Contacting the Canadian Embassy does not take much time if you reach them during their regular working hours. Always make sure you verify if you are using the right contact details to reach the embassy.

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