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Chile Embassy In Ghana: Everything About Chilean High Commission

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This post will give you the exact information about the Embassy of Chile in Ghana, including the contact, address, website, ambassador, email, consulate, and how you can locate them.

The Chilean High Commission in Ghana is the sole representation of the Chilean Government in Ghana.

Therefore it is their responsibility to handle all correspondences and communications between Ghana and Chile.

What more, the embassy represents the Chilean governments’ interest, with the core responsibility of protecting their citizens in Ghana to the Ghanaian constitution.

Besides, since the establishment of the embassy, they have done a tremendous job and given opportunities to Ghanaians

Now that we know a few about how the embassy came and what they do let us find out where it is located.

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Where Is The Location Of The Chilean Embassy In Ghana

Are you looking for Chile Embassy is located? Don’t be stranded. We got you covered.

Read as we show you the most straightforward route and directions to find the embassy in Accra.

The Chilean Embassy in Ghana is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

As we all know, Accra is a vast city and is effortless when fining a place within the town because it has many famous landmarks.

Remember, the Chile High Commission in Accra operates from Mondays to Fridays. The working hours of the Chile Embassy in Accra are between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

If you need any help from the embassy, you must visit their head office in Accra.

Direction To The Chilean Embassy Office In Accra

Follow these simple directions to locate the embassy in Accra.

If you are in Accra pick a car to cantonments, on the Plot 16, First Circular Road, Cantonments, it is located right there close to the Marcus Garvey guesthouse.

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Address Of The Chilean High Commission In Accra

You can also use the official address of the below to locate the embassy in Accra.

Address: Plot 16, 1st Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

How To Contact The Chilean Embassy In Ghana

Are you questioning how you can reach the Chile Embassy? You don’t need to worry. It is effortless.

You can choose from numerous options available when you want to contact the embassy.

Maybe you are looking for their telephone number, email address, postal address or the Fax number if that is what you seek, keep reading we will show you that in a moment.

People often are in a hurry to call and do not take any precautions to authenticate the contact details they have, which is a bad practice.

There always make sure you are using the correct contact details of the embassy.

Telephone Numbers Of The High Commission Of Chile In Accra

Here is the telephone number of the Chile Embassy in Ghana.

Telephone numbers: +233 302797942, or +233 302797943

Also, you can draft a letter to the embassy.

Here is the postal address of the High Commission of Chile in Ghana.

Postal Address: Post Office Box, CT 10452, Accra.

Sometimes you may need urgent information from the embassy. That is why you need to inquire from them through an email.

Here is the email address of the Chilean Embassy in Accra.

Email: [email protected]

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Consulate of Chile in Ghana

Does Chile have a consulate in Ghana? Yes, Chile has Consulate in Ghana.

The Chilean consulate is responsible for all consular-related services, including passport, visa, legalization, and notarial services.

Are you a citizen of Chile residing in Ghana? Sometimes as a foreigner, you may face some challenges and need some help, but where can you see help?

The Consulate of Chile in Accra is responsible for seeking the safety and welfare of all Chileans in Ghana.

As a result, you must contact the consulate during cases of emergency.

The consulate operates from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Phone Numbers Of The Consulate Of Chile in Accra

For any inquiry, you can contact the Consulate in Accra through any telephone numbers below.

Telephone numbers: +233 302797942, or +233 302797943

Here is the email address of the Chilean consulate in Ghana.

Email: [email protected]

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Website Of The Chile High Commission in Ghana

Furthermore, if you need more information about the embassy, you should visit their website.

It is not complicated to use, and you can visit the site even wit your mobile phone.

There is extensive information about the embassy on its website. You can get guidelines on any of their services, including passport, visa, legalization, and many more.

Nevertheless, before you do that, you must make sure you have their official web address.

If you are looking for the website of the Chilean Embassy in Ghana, click on the web address below to the site.

Web address:

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